Monday, April 14, 2014

Paranoia - Film Review Past Liam Hemsworth.


I know why the film Paranoia didn’t do so well in theaters. It’s not so much because of the cast or their ability to play out their characters well (maybe a little), it was more for the following reasons: The script gaped, meaning the dialogue between the characters was not at all interesting, nor smart enough to want to follow. It almost appeared as though the characters had no idea what they were talking about – meaning industry research wasn’t done well enough to script the film and relay it smartly. The so-called chemistry between Liam Hemsworth’s character and Amber Heard was not believable, not passionate enough on screen, almost boring. And the worst part of it was Harrison Ford’s haircut. I didn’t get the reason behind the look.

Some unanswered questions also frustrated me: How long was Liam’s character in prison? What happened to Dr. Judith Bolton’s character in the end? How did Liam’s character frame her? Or did she really do the things she was accused of.

Anyway, see the film if you want to stare at Liam’s gorgeousness – outside of that, I’d say pass. Sorry everyone involved – the film really had lots of potential, it just didn’t deliver.  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Entertainment News In Review - April 2014

There is always news in the entertainment industry; a world of its own, sharing with readers the ups and downs, challenges, new films and celebrity projects. I love it and I can't get enough. So, here's my top pics for Entertainment news April 2014:

Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman will work on a third film together titled Genius. The story of film editor Max Perkins - A safe role for both actors, drawing from past characters played on screen. They worked together in Rainway Man and Paddington, just in case you are wondering. I'd love to see both talented actors taking on even more challenging roles. Something outside of their comfort zone.
Just a few words. Kevin Kline portraying Errol Flyn in the last years of his life, having an affair with a much younger star Beverly Aadland. The film is ready for release in the states, making its first round at the Toronto Film Festival.
Alice in Wonderland Sequel. I've been hearing about it for years I'm certain. The most interesting news is adding one more character to the original cast. A father for Depps Mad Hatter character, portrayed by theater actor Mark Rylace.
Two funny ladies of Hollywood Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will pair up again, this time in an upcoming film titled THE NEST. I really can't get enough of these two, no matter how silly the storyline.
And finally, a documentary film about bloggers (right up my alley) Christopher Wiegand has decided to take a cross country trip to speak with a series of bloggers in the United States and claims to "change the way we see an industry." The biggest change in the way we see the industry turns out to be that there only appear to be attractive female bloggers in America. So that's quite a twist. Watch it! (article credit:

Monday, April 7, 2014

Captain America - The Winter Soldier - Film Review

I had to see Captain America over the weekend, since I am a fan of certain Marvel Comic heroes. Captain America happens to be one of those heroes. Now, although I prefer Captain America to remain a hero of the past, saving the country during the time of innocence and simplicity, I  understand why he needed to be moved to the future. It was very important to gain modern day fans – in the theaters and on film.

The story was interesting, also engaging enough and as expected, nothing outside of the norm, no wow factor, even though the film topped the box office in the US. I also got the feeling, there was definitely equal screen time for both Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America’s character and Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson).  The only thing that had me grimacing was seeing Robert Redford play a bad guy.  I prefer he shy away from those roles. 

There was something that had me laughing and I won’t spoil it for any of you. But, be very aware when Robert Redford opens his refrigerator door, there is definitely something inside that will have you reminiscing.  Of course also, from this storyline, there is another yet to come.

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Wolf Of Wall Street - Film Review

I liked the idea of the story. I need to put it out there, that the story was intriguing of course, but nothing I expected from the film. I understand the intricacies of the stock market and know of its delicate state, corruption or not, but the angle Mr. Scorsese took to tell a story was a bit, in my opinion, over the top and repetitious.  I get it, details in a film are important, but to tell a story in 90-110 minutes is best, craftily cutting out scene after scene of the same thing - which in this case didn't happen.

True, Leo gave it his best, outperforming himself on so many levels and of course worthy of an Oscar, in my opinion, above all the rest. But, I didn’t care for the film and perhaps the storytelling exhausted our ability to see past the chaos and be able to focus on Leo himself, costing him a win. I’m not going to suggest that you avoid the film, but I will say it subtly, it’s not at all what you’d expect and perhaps even a bit of a turnoff.

Friday, March 28, 2014

In A World - Film Review

You know the sad thing is, some films just don't make it - not matter what a great story line it is. I hadn't heard of the film In A World until it was one of my selections on the plane ride to Edinburgh. I watched it for mostly one reason, I do like Lake Bell, the actor, director and writer of this particular film.

I think her facial expressions alone say a lot and keeps me laughing, in any film she'd been in so far.

The story is about a father - daughter team, played by Fred Melamed and of course Lake Bell,  in Hollywood who do voice overs, and the entire theme revolves around the competition between the two getting a major voice over deal.  We get how cut throat Hollywood can be, but to see a side where a father does everything in his power to jeopardize his daughter's future, just to stay on top of the game is a little hard to take - on any platform.

We watch through comedy as the story unfolds, exposing the uphill battle to stay on top, the downfalls of far any person can go and the final realization and surrender. Lake Bell does an outstanding job in my opinion, telling her story, directing it simply well and aiming to make us laugh, even through tears. I applaud her work and surely recommend the film to anyone.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Transcendence - Johnny Depp in Film

While in the theater to see 300: Rise of an Empire, I got a glimpse of the film Transcendence. Actually the trailer was long enough to get a good glimpse of the film, clearly a reminder of one other film I feared, most of the my life HAL 9000 - 2001 A Space Odyssey.

In Transcendence, Johnny Depp's character, Dr. Will Caster, a researcher dabbling mostly in the field of Artificial Intelligence, finds his life as a human in great danger by those determined to stop his work. Having to protect himself and his accomplishment thus far, he TRANSCENDS into his work, surely and naturally becoming obsessed enough to seek nothing but power and full control.

As he gains said powers, any way possible, everyone familiar with him, including his wife, find it hard to help him stop - hence a reminder of HAL 9000 - my worst nightmare.

I don't know about the film, although I think Depp has made an interesting choice to partake in a film sans Pirates Of the Caribbean 1 through - I lost count. I do also appreciate Christopher Nolan's work and wonder how much input he'd had in this particular film since he is merely the executive producer - in the front line director Wally Pfister orchestrating the film making.

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think?  April 18, the film is released in the U.S. and to be honest I cannot wait for the reviews.

Monday, March 24, 2014

300 Rise of an Empire - Film Review

I had to see 300 Rise of an Empire, but since I was travelling through Europe, when it first came out, I had to wait, until my return to see it. The interesting thing was however, several people I came across in London mostly, who said the film wasn't worth the hype - I begged to differ, but kept my opinion to myself.

I saw it over the weekend and I have to say, the film lived up to my expectations and more. I do have to say one thing though, avoid comparing it to number 1 - 300 with Gerard Butler, because if you do that, you might feel a little disappointed.

I enjoyed the storyline, which very cleverly intertwined with the first 300 film, giving the audience a glimpse of two wars happening at the same time. The hot spot fought by the Spartans and over the Aegean see by the Athenians. Greece was divided in this film and although general Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) pleaded with Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey)- the wife and widower of King Leonidas of Sparta to join forces for a stronger Greece, he was left to battle the Persians alone, facing Artemesia (Eva Green), born a Greek, turned a Persian -  to protect his country.

After meeting with Artemesia to negotiate a surrender, Themistokles is put in a tougher spot, potentially falling for the powerful Persian Navy commander, whilst doing everything to win the war for Greece.

Zach Snyder in my opinion did it again, a wonderfully filmed story, creative period costumes and the best bleak scenery, with over the top and edgy battle scenes, keeping the audience intrigued and entertained. Spartans wore red and the Athenians blue, adding the subtle colors to the almost black and white film. I highly recommend seeing the film if you are a Snyder fan.

I appreciate the fact, we got visuals of King Leonidas (a.k.a Gerard Butler) it make the film even better for me personally.