Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pierce Brosnan - November Man

Pierce Brosnan

You know it is a bad thing to be typcast, but then again for some actors, its a good thing - they do it so perfectly when cast in the same type of role over and over again. Pierce Brosnan is one of those actors and to me the second best Bond - after Sean Connery of course.

So, Brosnan has November Man coming out in a few weeks or so, with a sequel (yeah!) and another thriller project titled I.T. - not too much action, but along those lines. 

What do you think? Are you excited?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Action Packed Film Updates

London Has Fallen

1. London Has Fallen (sequel to Olympus Has Fallen) with my favorite action hero now - Gerard Butler - has a possible director nearly or finally attached to the project and he is Fredrik Bond (who was at one point attached to Pirates No 5) Anyway, hopefully the filming will begin soon and perhaps just perhaps I'll have a small tiny part in the film, a woman in distress which Butler's character needs to save. (Wishful thinking of course)

 Ving Rhames / Tom Cruise

2. Mission Impossible 5 News: Ving Rhames has joined the cast in  MI-5 which I am having trouble patiently waiting for to be released. Apparently there were talks Jeremy Renner was going to replace Tom Cruise but the fact MI-4 proved to be such a hit, that plan was reworked. Tom Cruise still the leading actor and Jeremy Renner in a supporting role. What do you think of the new cast?

 Jackie Chan

3. Oh my god!!! It's Jackie Chan in Expandable 4?  Good news, I guess. Well the story behind the story is that he actually turned Stallone down several times in the past for Expandable 3 and Rush Hour 4. So, it's nice to see him again hopefully not for just 5 minutes. Although I am not a fan of Expandables, I think I will make an exception just to get a glimpse of Jackie Chan onscreen in the US.


4. Uh-hum Paul Rudd as a superhero in Anti-Man. He plays a thief turned superhero with the help of a scientist/mentor played by Michael Douglas. Very interesting indeed or not?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Johnny Depp - Mordecai Film Trailer

Yes, Yes and yes. So very glad to have come across the teaser trailer for Mordecai with John Depp - scheduled to open February 2015.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Outlander - A Starz Television Series Review

Since I've been doing a lot of research about Scotland, past traveling through the country back in March, I couldn't wait to see the much anticipated television series - Outlander.  The good thing is the first episode is currently available to watch online for free - just click here to be redirected.

I read a few of the books  a long time ago, admiring the author Diana Gabaldon for her ability to turn a possible hobby in great story telling. Now, years later, I sat in front of my computer and watched the first episode, very ready to take it all in - and I must say I am hooked. Very excited to see more, so far loving every bit of how they introduced the story to us.  I love the fact Diana Gabaldon is a consultant while filming the stories and apparently the filming has been going on for a year now in Scotland and all 16 episodes are complete.

I do recommend the show, a must see, a refreshing escape from the common televisions shows of late. Also, click here to learn more about the series and the author.   I cannot brag enough about the show.

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Look At Gerard Butler - A Leading Male Actor In Film

I am an admirer of Gerard Butler, but not only because of his captivating manly self, but because of his determination to become an actor against all odds. Something I wish I forced my way through the barriers of a traditional upbringing.

Putting that aside, I've followed his career, not really being interested in his personal life, but rather his professional one. Leading men are two few and two far apart  in modern day Hollywood, and although the industry dubs a handful of young actors each year as potential leading men, I stick to just a few of them, year after year. My list is short, containing perhaps five actors who I consider leading man worthy, one of them being Gerard Butler.

Butler's career spans almost over twenty years, Mrs. Brown (1998) being his first film  that we know of, although definitely not his breakthrough one. That came years later, most agree that the film 300 (2006) did it for him. Although I did like him in The Phantom of the Opera (2004). Butler has made many films in between and also since then, and although the list of successful ones are not many, people appreciate him and it is safe to say he does have a huge fan base, who follow him unconditionally.

His next two films  London Has Fallen (2015) and Gods of Egypt (2016) will show Butler's side we've all grown accustomed to and perhaps even know by now exactly what to expect. And like many of you, I've seen him at his worst in films and I've him at his best and he can actually be considered a talented actor, very versatile, and one leading man I am hopeful to see in Hollywood films for years to come. Although he is dabbling in production as well and could eventually disappear behind the camera rather in front.

Just in case, by a small chance, you are unfamiliar with Gerard Butler, please consider the following films to get a better look, and see for yourself if he truly is a Leading Male Actor in Film. The below list are the best of his work, the rest of the film from here, you may consider watching at your own discretion.  Those are not the best of films, just eye candy material (wink).

Gods of Egypt - Release Date 2016

Bad Boy Image 

Tear Jerker

Fantasy Sci-Fi

Blockbuster Films

Based on True Events 

Break In Role

Friday, August 1, 2014

French Films - My Love and Not So Much Affair With Them

I am an avid foreign film buff, my focus mostly European films. I think it's because there is a kind of substance  to such films we lack in the U.S. Particularly about romance or family in period films. The films are simply made, very naturally acted and the landscape always amazing, not a single director or actor worried about exposing too much and the human body is worshiped in all shapes and sizes on film.  Now bare in mind most of the films are over two hours long, clearly notable that editing is an issue, but if the storyline comes across not so interesting the filmmaking and techniques used  make up for what it lacks. The films are as follows:

Click here for details 

Click here for details
Click here for details 
Click here for details